Conditions of sale

Conditions of sale


Read this document carefully because it contains the terms and conditions of sale which you will be obliged to fulfill when using on-line shop of Sociedad Española de Pintores Noveles, SL Vestirarte, Pintoresca and Artenmoda. The following terms and conditions which will be hereinafter called (the “Conditions”) will be applicable to trade relations with Sociedad Española de Pintores Noveles, SL and to all the purchases you realized through this company.

These Conditions will govern the contractual relationship between you and Sociedad Española de Pintores Noveles, S. L.with head office in Cronos st. 24, 3rd floor, Madrid (SPAIN), registered in Business Register in Madrid, with number CIF B86823127 (hereinafter called “SEPN”, Vestirarte, Pintoresca, Artenmoda, , the “Operator” or “ Marketing”). All suggestion, complaint or correspondence regarding these Conditions or to SEPN must be addressed to the contact data mentioned in our page of contact.


Products Purchase

Rules for making orders: You only can purchase finished products which are ready for sale and whose details were published on the web page of group; with delivery in Spain and rest of the world, according with the list of countries and access mentioned on register form of transport data, either for your personal use or for the receivers for whom you buy the products. SEPN, keeps right to refuse any order at its exclusive choice (for instance, when consider that the related order has the objective to be sold later by different ways from the authorized distribution channel)

The details of the available products for purchase (including their concerning price) are specified on the page, and will adopt all the necessary and reasonable measures for assuring that all details, the descriptions and prices of products mentioned on page are correct when including the information. Although we will try by all means on our hands for keeping the shop as updated as possible, in a given moment the specified information could not always show the exact situation when you realize an order, which will be confirmed firstly by page and after by SEPN.


Making purchase orders of Products and conclusion of contract of sale.

Once you have selected the products that you want to buy, those products will be included in hanger.

At the end of checking procedure, you will click on button “summary of order” to have access to page of summary of order where you will be able to identify and correct possible mistakes of information. At the end of the page of “summary of order” you must click on button “Making order” and we will receive one binding order.

Once you had clicked on button “Realizing order” we will obtain authorization from marketing company of your credit or debit card by the amount mentioned on page of summary of order (TPV). At that step of process, we will not remove funds from your card, though the available balance on your card will be reduced with the authorization, according with the particular conditions of card or company. This procedure is the normal method followed by banks. If your credit card is not authorized, we will not proceed with your order.

We will send e-mail confirming the reception of your order, which doesn’t mean from our side an authomatic acceptance of your order. We will send a second e-mail accepting your order of products and confirming that the products you have requested will be sent (Confirmation of transport)

Between the parts, we will have celebrated contract of sale of the products you have requested once we had sent the confirmation of transport e-mail and in any case when you receive the mentioned products.

The contract sale can be realized in Spanish language and information’s in English.

The text of contract of sale will be included in the Confirmation of transport e-mail and will be kept by us, while it not will be open to Customer after Conclusion of contract.

We will can refuse, at our own selection, the procedure of order or not be able to proceed with that procedure, without any restriction, in the following cases :
When the product requested was no longer manufactured or was not available, which will be checked in time.
When the marketing company of your credit or debit card doesn´t authorize the payment of your purchase.
When order doesn’t fulfill the rules for making orders specified at the beginning of this section.


Conditions of Delivery

Those mentioned in this document.


Payment Conditions

You can pay with credit card mentioned in our page (credit or debit card). The payment on your credit card will be made when realizing the contract of sale. The payment by credit card is completely sure. All the transaction is made in encrypted form across a bank validation server using the encryption protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so, the number of your credit card and the date of expiration will be encrypted instantly in your computer before to be sent to SSL protocol. Nobody will be able to use your data without your authorization, because the information is unreadable. For more security, we don´t keep these data in our server, so you must give all the information with every new order. We accept payments with Visa, MasterCard y Pay Cards.


Cancellation of order

Being products customized and licensed for your personal use, we don’t accept cancellations after having made payment, being the transport expenses, mentioned on the purchase invoice, the only amount to be returned.



"As products made by hand, one by one, reflected measures may not correspond exactly and there is always the change in colors and appearances similar to the non-print materials."


Damaged or faulty products and erroneous deliveries

You can return and change the damaged commodity or delivered with erroneous reference following the instructions of TRANSPORT CONDITIONS and filling the concerning Form of Realized Returns. The collection and delivery of the new product, will always be at our expenses.


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