Transport charges

The transport charges of each order will be calculated according the geographical area specified in each order.

The delivery date can be seen on the page of each commodity, with a maximum date of 15 days.


Additional information of transport

Delivery of orders: The orders will be delivered at the address mentioned by customer, therefore, Sociedad Española de Pintores Noveles S. L. (hereinafter SEPN) doesn´t assume any responsibility when delivery can´t be realized because the information provided are incorrect, untrue or unfinished. In case that delivery address were erroneous or later modified by addressee, the expenses of forwarding will be paid by customer. In case that order was refused by addressee or addressee was absent, SEPN doesn´t assume any responsability and will exercise its right for not refund the amount received.


Delivery in hospitals or public buildings: The deliveries in hospitals , Hotels, Public Institutions and other places where have limitations for admittance of people in general,will be realized at the Reception Desk or similar place, if it was not possible the

delivery by hand to addressee. In that case, will try to obtain signature of desk clerk and order will be considered as delivered, and not assuming any responsibility derived from time after this delivery. For reaching the most correct delivery of your order, we need

you give us as much as possible information such as name of department, number of room, number of floor, complete name of addressee, in case, will be given written communication for collection at the address of distribution courier.


Other remarks: The products are customized and licensed and don´t admit right to return having customer the responsibility to verify the external appearance of transport when delivering, mentioning its appearance on form and not accepting the transport. The

incidence on reception of delivery will be communicated to SEPN on one side by the transport company and optionally by customer, and after having checked the damage,we will realize the urgent replacement of same commodity and reference in a new



Return of goods due to mistake or fault.

In case of return of faults products and erroneous transports, SEPN will be in charge of return and substitution, if customer inform these conditions within 24 hours from the date of transport reception and having received written confirmation from SEPN for this

return. Once checked the manufacturing fault or erroneous transport SEPN will be forced to replace the commodity by a new one, collecting erroneous, being this its only responsibility. For realizing this return please send us e-mail to the following address :