Vestirarte S.L.U.

C/ Cronos, 24 3º D1

28037  Madrid  Spain  

NIF: B87379780

Trademark registration in Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (S.P.T.O.), trademark number: 3.586.202

Brand logo registered in Copyright.

Garments with printed works of art.


VESTIRARTE is part of a group of trading companies of textile products and accessories:

  • Sociedad Española de Pintores Noveles, S.L.: Production and control of brands.
  • Artenmoda by Fashion, S.L.U.: Exclusive art work
  • Pintoresca by Art, S.L.U.: Avant-garde art
  • Museum Collection, S.L.U.: Art in the museum

All these companies are registered in S.P.T.O. and Copyright.

All the brands and companies have the same goal, with Vestirarte being our spearhead and the only one with a position in the market, with over 20 items for sale in our online store and art spaces or corner multibrand stores.

Vestirarte selects daily Designers of all styles, is a must in design and fashion.

Our Artists, with his work and originality, must inspire love in the woman who adorns herself with our creations full of Art.

The purchase of these exclusive creations not only can be done in our on-line shop, but also very soon you will be able to acquire them in very exclusive and prestigious shops, as well as in Spaces of Art and exhibitions.

Exclusive and original details in our articles:

  •  Exclusive designs of garments and accessories.
  •  Artworks licensed by the Artist.
  •  Printing single pattern, without retales.
  •  Exclusive and original labeling, no more uncomfortable and unpleasant labels without control.
  •  Numbered garments giving exclusivity both the artwork and the garment.
  •  With stamped and signed exclusivity Certificate, and with control and article code.
  •  Unique garment turned into personal originality.